Benefits of Playing RPGs and MMOs

We often hear our parents complaining about us playing video games all the time and being anti-social, lazy and negatively affecting our physical health and instead of that they prefer us playing board games like chess, monopoly etc or drawing and painting, but, researchers have found out that playing video games affect our brain, cognitive abilities positively, impacts our decision making skills and logical thinking. Let’s see how Massively Multiplayer Online games (MMO) and Role Playing Games (RPG) can benefit a person and then you know what to tell your parents!


Role Playing Games
Role Playing Games are those games in which the player has to take the role of the fictional character in an artificial setting. Games like Star Wars, Dungeons and Dragons and Battle Tech are the examples of role playing games.
How can Role Playing Games affect a person positively?
Role play games teach us on how to work in a team to solve the problems and increase creativity in a person. Teamwork can bring out different creative ideas of people in how to overcome a situation which automatically puts our brain into use and increases our learning.
Problem Solving
Problem solving is something that you require in your day to day life. In role playing games, you are given different situations of which you are to solve the problems of. Playing RPG helps you to make decisions in order to solve the problems which help us in real life.


Quick Decision Making
Playing RPG allows you to make quick decisions as you are short on resources such as time. With limited resources you get to learn how to make decisions and how each possible decision will affect our game and so help us in real life to make decisions.
Massively Multiplayer Online Games
Massively Multiplayer Online Games are games in which large numbers of people play simultaneously over an internet connection. Games such as Guild Wars 2, Final Fantasy XIV, Elder Scrolls Online and Star Wars: The Old Republic are examples of such games.

How can Massively Multiplayer Online Games affect a person positively?
Mental Sharpness
Not only teenagers can affect from the benefits of playing games but also people of any age can positively impact from it. Mental capability of a person does not only develop from an early age but at any age even if you are old, hence, Playing MMO games increases the mental sharpness and tests a person of any age.


Many players do not like easy tasks and look for games which require a challenge to win. MMO games require competition among people that stimulates learning, growth and improvement.
These qualities help people bring out the success in their life.
Quick Analysis
A sharp mind is one that can analyze a situation and then make a decision of it. MMO games help you analyze a situation and overcome a problem where you are stuck at. In reality also, before making any decision one should do a critical analysis. MMO games help you do that.

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